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Reframing missions for

the next generation of Christian leaders.



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Mekdes Haddis is a sought after Millennial African Missiologist and thought leader whose voice is challenging the Church to undo its “missions as usual” ethos. Her work is a clarion call to redefine missions from charity giving to disciple making and justice seeking.

In 2020 Mekdes created an online community “Just Missions” with the purpose of helping missionaries, receivers of missionaries and ministry leaders engage with one another on an open platform and discuss the harmful effects of western missions.


The group gives westerners the chance to hear from the receivers of missions without the financial power dynamic that typically robs them from openly discussing the truth. Her hope is that these conversations will lead to a wholesome method of supporting and equipping local churches and their leaders without the focus being on the one who is sent but rather the ones God wants them to reach.  


Connect with hundreds of other like-minded missionaries in the private Just Missions Facebook Group.

Together, we’ll dive into the hard stuff — like the negative global impact of short and long term missions — and we’ll discover God’s heart for His global church through the lens of scripture.

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1:1 Coaching

Helping you work to decolonize your missiology framework, rediscover God's heart for His global church and your role in it, and reclaim the rich spiritual transformation found in being sent by God.

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Partnering with your church or organization to reshape the missiology of your outreach, shifting it to one that is focused on building a lasting relational legacy and creating a strategic partnership framework with indigenous leaders.   


Partnering with you and your organization to reframe missions.



When Mekdes talks, I listen. When she writes, I read. It’s that simple. Her cross cultural experience, biblical wisdom, and personal godliness make her a much needed voice in the body of Christ. I’m thankful that the broader Church now has the opportunity to learn from her like I have!  

Lead Pastor of Preaching & Culture at McLean Bible Church


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